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Tao V3 Joystick (OEM Spec) in Stainless Steel

Tao V3 Joystick (OEM Spec) in Stainless Steel

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This is an item we've all been waiting for:  the TaoStyx64 V3 Joystick!

NOTE: These joysticks will include one of the new types of Delrin/Teflon nibs.  If you want more nibs, you can find them on the website.

I have been making V3 joysticks in bronze, and while they were good, these steel sticks are better.  When I say better, I mean smoother, more consistency in dimensions, and lighter weight.

These stainless sticks are hardened as well which will greatly increase their wear resistance.  The surface has been polished as well.  The only surface that is not shiny is the side notches on the "sphere" of the stick. 

These sticks for sale have been tested and meet the qualifications for what a V3 Tao Joystick should feel like!

The joystick will come with a tool to manipulate operate the internal screw which helps to customize the feel of the joystick.  It will also come with one bullet-shaped 80% delrin 20% teflon nib (delflon).  If you want extra nibs, you can get more here HERE.  It will also come with an internal screw (installed inside the stick). 

The delrin/teflon nibs should last a very long time if not indefinitely with the V3 design. 

You can expect light and smooth movement from this stick so long as your other parts can support the stick well (i.e. a good bowl, good gears, and a good gate).  This stick is compatible with OEM spec gates (OEM, Tao, and probably resin gates as well).

Usually once you set the internal screw to your preferred height, you will find that you forget that it is even there.  It is an added layer of control over the feel of your module and can be a flexible compensation for individual variation in bowl dimensions.  The screw can also help compensate for the wear of the cylindrical nib (should this happen).

EU and UK buyers, please read!

If you live in the UK or EU, and make an order with TaoStyx64 (via this website), expect to pay 19-25% VAT and possibly a handling fee around 6 euro completion/handling fee charged upon or after receipt of the package.

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