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80/20 Delrin/Teflon V3 Joystick Nibs (Delflon)

80/20 Delrin/Teflon V3 Joystick Nibs (Delflon)

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These nibs are made of 80/20 delrin/teflon.  We nicknamed the material "delflon."  They are experimental, but they will likely improve the feel and performance of your V3 joystick.  Each nib should be extremely durable.  Be aware that these delrin blend nibs may leave harmless marks on your bowl.  You will probably only need one of these, although you may want multiples.  There is no need to have tons of them.  These will last quite a long time.

"Standard clearance"
nibs fit into the nib hole with between .05 - .01mm of clearance. This allows the nib to be easily put in and taken out. No extra resistance is added to the screw (ability to tighten the screw). This clearance introduces a microscopic amount of wiggle, BUT this amount of wiggle is still smaller than with the 100% teflon nibs. You *will* see improvement over hand-cut 100% teflon nibs if you only get this size.
"Tight clearance" nibs fit into the nib hole with 0.00-0.01mm of clearance. These nibs require help from the screw to be removed and cannot be removed with fingers. They may require some force to get into the nib hole and may be difficult initially to put into the hole (they also may go in easily if you position it correctly). These nibs have been hand selected out of natural variation and will slightly likely slightly improve precision if you use these. I recommend these for high level speedrunners and tournament players.

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