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TaoStyx64 Grippy Joystick Cap (Gravatos Variant)

TaoStyx64 Grippy Joystick Cap (Gravatos Variant)

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Screw Material

This cap is made of very tough carbon fiber impregnated nylon. It is very lightweight (around 0.9g including the stainless screw), it is very grippy, and it is very durable.  It grips like the top of a skateboard or very fine sandpaper.  The gravatos variant grippy cap has more aggressive surface texture than does the smash variant grippy cap.

The gravatos variant adds some extra grip to the rim of the cap with a cross-hatched knurling pattern. This knurling adds a subtle, but noticeable addition of grip to the edge of the cap.  The gravatos variant is also more aggressively textured than the "smash variant" grippy cap.

What makes the Grippy Cap stand out?

This cap is made of very tough carbon fiber impregnated nylon. It is very lightweight, it is very grippy, and it is very durable. It grips better than just about any other smooth-textured caps out in the wild. This cap is designed to fit any stick that uses M3 internal threading (all known metal sticks but not ReTech).

It has a T10 torx bolt made of stainless steel, which is exactly the same bolt that Linus at SteelSticks64 used.  This cap is compatible with any stick which is compatible with Linus's SteelSticks64 caps.

Will TaoStyx64 caps fit my stick?

This cap will fit any stick that has M3 internal threads. Basically, if your stick can accept a SteelSticks64 cap, then this cap will work in your stick.


Plant-based carbon fiber embedded nylon with stainless steel cap screw.

EU and UK buyers, please read!

If you live in the UK or EU, and make an order with TaoStyx64 (via this website), expect to pay 19-25% VAT and possibly a handling fee around 6 euro completion/handling fee charged upon or after receipt of the package.

Photo Credits

Photo Credits:

Jungle Green controller with Grippy cap and stainless flathead screw + closeup - mystic#0645

Fire Red controller with Grippy cap, red paracord, and torx screw - Beastly#2072

Gravatos cap in Rockergaming Gate with grape purple controller
- BlueHavenGaming

Two caps in pink light - GamerJerome

Orange controller with bowser cap - drumstix576#6927

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