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Tao Metal Start Button

Tao Metal Start Button

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You can get these buttons on shapeways as well for less per button, but you will pay fees, shipping, and wait a month.  If you want one now with your order, you can get them here as well.

These buttons are made of polished brass or bronze.  All the plated buttons are made of brass.

They fit perfectly in OEM spec controller shells.  If your shell is painted and there is any paint in the hole, you need to sand the paint out to prevent sticking of the button.

Polished Bronze and Brass will Tarnish.  The Brass and Bronze buttons in these photos are slightly tarnished.  You can see the difference in the color of the two.

As far as I know, polished Rhodium and Gold finishes will not.

EU and UK buyers, please read!

If you live in the UK or EU, and make an order with TaoStyx64 (via this website), expect to pay 19-25% VAT and possibly a handling fee around 6 euro completion/handling fee charged upon or after receipt of the package.

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