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SummerCart64 Labels (front and/or back)

SummerCart64 Labels (front and/or back)

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Here is the listing to purchase your SC64 labels!

If you get both front and back labels, you'll get a bundled discount.

These labels are beautiful, holograpic, vinyl labels which have been laminated for scratch resistance.  You could stick one on your car and it would last a long time (not that you plan to do that).  The lamination is a recent feature addition and makes the colors pop a little more while adding scratch resistance.

Notes on the front labels:

Zero clearance vs 0.75mm Clearance.  The 0.75mm clearance  is the intended amount of gap around the edge of the label slot. (see the picture to see the gap).  This type is much MUCH easier to line up to look good.

The Zero Clearance variety is a lemon from which I am making lemonade.  I'm pricing it lower for this reason.  The zero clearance variety (see picture to see the lack of gap) is very difficult to line up, but looks very nice if installed perfectly.  This is for people that have OCD and want to make their SC64 look amazing or for people that want to pay less for their label.

You can buy "flawed" zero clearance labels to practice your fitment.  I'll price them cheap so you have multiple options.  You can also stick them all over the world if you want to spread the SC64 word!  The flawed stickers just have tiny bubbles under the lamination that are noticeable only on close inspection.

The unlaminated back labels are old stock that remains before I started laminating the labels.  The unlaminated labels are slightly less scratch resistant.  You can't tell the difference when looking at them side by side.  These are priced lower.

EU and UK buyers, please read!

If you live in the UK or EU, and make an order with TaoStyx64 (via this website), expect to pay 19-25% VAT and possibly a handling fee around 6 euro completion/handling fee charged upon or after receipt of the package.

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