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Rubber Changing Helper Tool (for SS64 Rubber Caps)

Rubber Changing Helper Tool (for SS64 Rubber Caps)

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This is an anodized aluminum rod which aids the end-user in changing the rubber on Linus's rubber lined caps.  You simply screw the cap into the end of the rod to allow you to wrangle a new rubber onto the cap.

This tool helps make this process a a lot more easy (although it is still somewhat challenging).  This is much better than trying to hold onto a tiny joystick with the cap on it.

There are two versions and many different colors of those two versions:
The first version was commonly included with Linus's rubber caps.  This version is knurled and is about 2.5 inches long.  It is very portable and should be brought along in any bag of tools with your controller if you use one of these caps.

The second version is about 4 inches long and is not knurled.  This version offers more leverage and makes it easier to replace the rubber, but it is not as portable since it's longer.

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