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On-The-Go N64 Survival Toolkits for the V3 Tao Joystick and beyond (iFixit)

On-The-Go N64 Survival Toolkits for the V3 Tao Joystick and beyond (iFixit)

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I highly recommend this toolkit to protect your N64 screw heads.  This is a great on-the-go toolkit that is very portable and has everything you need to calibrate your V3 joystick and nothing you don't.  It is very compact and is in soft cloth cases to prevent scratching of other equipment if carried in a case or bag.

This toolkit contains a high quality anodized aluminum handle with a swivel end (the blue part).  The handle is great for keeping just the right amount of pressure when removing screws.  It has a nice magnetic action with the bits that fit into the end of the handle.  It is high quality and has some weight to it.

The bits are hardened and are very precisely machined for perfect locking into screw heads.  This perfect fit helps to prevent stripping of the head of the screw (with proper pressure and torque).  The bits that are included with this kit are "PH0", "0.9 hex", "JIS1" and "T10 Torx" (other optional bits may be included, see  expanding tab below below). 

Optional additional bits included in the kit can be purchased by selecting the other variant of the toolkit.  (See more in the tab below).

This kit fits perfectly in the controller cases that are circulating the community.  To get the toolkit to fit nicely, I recommend pushing it all the way down into the pouch on the top clamshell (near the "hinge" in the clamshell case).

The kit is in a soft canvas bag with a zipper and the bits are held in a small drawstring cotton bag.

You can also get these bits and the same handle from, but I provide them on my website as a matter of convenience.  They are priced very closely to what they were purchased for on iFixit.  You can also buy these here if you'd rather purchase them from iFixit:


    Toolkit Variant Descriptions

    • The "Module" variant contains only the bits you need for tinkering with your V3 joystick module.  Bits included: PH0, 0.9 Hex, and T10 Torx.
    • The "Module + Controller" variant contains all of the bits you need for opening your controller and for tinkering with your module. Bits Included: PH0, 0.9 Hex, T10 Torx, and JIS1.
    • The "Module + Controller + Console" variant contains most of the bits that you will need to open your N64 console and/or to install mods or to do development type tasks on your stock N64 console with or without TaoStyx64 parts installed.  This kit is helpful if changing the shell on your N64 console for an aftermarket shell.  The cheap gamebit screwdrivers that often come with aftermarket Console Shells easily strip the OEM Gamebit screws on the N64 console. [When installing screws into a fresh console shell, it is recommended to use a power drill for added torque and control.] Bits Included in kit: PH0, 0.9 Hex, T10 Torx, JIS1, G3.8, and G4.5.  



    • "PH0" - Phillips #0 - This screw can be used to open the N64 controller and fits perfectly into the TaoStyx64 gate screw to open your N64 joystick module. (JIS1 is better for removing OEM N64 screws from the controller)
    • "T10H" - T10 Torx Security - This screw locks perfectly into the cap screw on all SS64 caps and all TaoStyx64 caps that have a Torx head on them.  Linus at Steelsticks64 set the industry standard for the T10 screw in joystick caps.
    • "0.9 Hex" - 0.9mm Hex Key - This bit locks into the tiny hex screw inside the V3 joystick and is much less likely to strip the head on that screw.  You use this bit to calibrate the nib height of your V3 TaoStyx64 joystick.
    • "JIS1" - Japanese Industry Standard #1, Ever notice how easy it is to strip a screw head on the N64 controller shell screws?  This is because those "cross" head screws are not actually Phillips head screws.  They are "Japanese Industry Standard" screws.  This bit will fit tightly and reduce the chance of stripping screw heads on all of the screws in the N64 controller (including the small ones).  All screws in the controller are "JIS1" screws.
    • "G3.8" - 3.8mm Gamebit - This bit locks onto the screws found in the N64 console, particularly the screws found on cartridges.
    • "G4.5" - 4.8mm Gamebit - This bit locks onto the screws found in the outer shell of the N64 console (the "N64 Control Deck").

    EU and UK buyers, please read!

    If you live in the UK or EU, and make an order with TaoStyx64 (via this website), expect to pay 19-25% VAT and possibly a handling fee around 6 euro completion/handling fee charged upon or after receipt of the package.

    Photo Credits

    Photo Credits:

    Jungle Green controller with Grippy cap and stainless flathead screw + closeup - mystic#0645

    Fire Red controller with Grippy cap, red paracord, and torx screw - Beastly#2072

    Gravatos cap in Rockergaming Gate with grape purple controller
    - BlueHavenGaming

    Two caps in pink light - GamerJerome

    Orange controller with bowser cap - drumstix576#6927

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