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Notchless "Smash" Gates (no screw, bundle a gate screw)

Notchless "Smash" Gates (no screw, bundle a gate screw)

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NOTE:  You must bundle a screw with your gate.  If you do not, I will assume that you plan to use an OEM screw with your gate.  You can use the bundler app at the bottom of the page to bundle your screw option with your gate.

This listing is to provide access to the new notchless gate designs at a very low cost in exchange for constructive feedback about the designs. 

There are three types: 
The "Round Gate" - perfectly round which gives OEM benchmarks in diagonals and extended benchmarks in the cardinals. (note, round gates will be smoother than the ones in the photo)
The "Notchless OEM Bench Gate" - notchless yet benchmarking in the OEM range in both cardinals and diagonals (either smooth or with the faint L/R haptic feedback notches), 
The "Notchless Extended Diagonals Gate" - notchless extended diagonals, OEM cardinals (either smooth or with the faint L/R/U/D haptic feedback notches).

I'm curious to see what games benefit from this type of gate.

These are printed with hi-res nylon and also contain a heat set nut with special locking screw included.  These gates are based on the most up-to-date version of the Tao gate and will function.  Whether or not you prefer the variance of the gate you choose will be up to you.

I've played on the Notchless OEM Bench Gate and Round gate.  I like both for smash.  Certain characters, like pikachu will probably need notches rather than a gate without notches (I could be wrong).

I am open to suggestions, improvement ideas, or new variant ideas within the limitations of the material and space within the N64 module.


Super tough nylon with a stainless steel screw.

Gate Grade Descriptions

Grade A+ = The central hole of the gate fits to OEM spec. The OEM gate hole has a tiny amount of clearance for a 7.00mm stick. The hole is usually around 7.05mm for OEM spec brand new gates.  Grade A+ gates have a central hole that perfectly matches OEM sized sticks. 
Not every gate comes out like this, thus they are priced accordingly.

Grade A- (undersized) = The central hole fits tight with an OEM stick (basically right at 7.00mm), but should still be able to handle an OEM spec stick with a 7.00mm ball diameter without getting stuck in the notches. If there is diagonal notch sticking, this could be likely remedied by grease in the central hole of the gate. If your play style is such that you don't remove your thumb from the joystick, the diagonal notch sticking will likely not be bothersome at this grade, if it's even there at all. Oudini and Brewstix joysticks will not get stuck in the diagonals with this grade, and should function well.

Grade B+ (undersized) = The central hole fits tight (below 7.00mm), and an OEM spec stick will definitely get stuck if it has a typical 7.00mm ball diameter. This kind of gate actually could be beneficial for Oudini sticks and Brew sticks which tend to have a ball diameter near 6.90mm-6.93mm. This could remedy some looseness with the Oudini and Brew sticks. If you are using a stick with an OEM sized or greater spherical portion, expect poor performance.

EXPERIMENTAL = New production method, results need feedback.  Priced accordingly.

Color Descriptions

The camera and the screen from which you are viewing these colors will make them appear different than in real life.
These descriptions are a feeble attempt to give useful information about the colors available.
Black: A satin black that is slightly shiny. This goes very well with the easy-to-achieve black dyed buttons. This would look great in any setup, in my opinion.
White: A matte white that has no shine whatsoever (matte). This would go well with white buttons.
Red: This is a satin red. It is somewhat of a lighter red and does not perfectly match the red shell color (see photos)
Blue: This is a satin blue. I would say that this color is powder blue color which is very pleasant. It does not match the color of the blue N64 controller shell, but could go well with a blue controller scheme.
Orange: This is a matte medium orange. I'd say it has the hue of an orange peel with a touch less vibrancy. It matches the Daiei Hawks shell pretty nicely in my opinion.
Green: This is a matte yellow-green color. This color doesn't match Jungle Green or opaque Green Controller shells, but would look nice with the appropriate color scheme. Even though it doesn't match jungle green, I think they look good together.
Yellow: This is a matte vibrant yellow color. This color matches the opaque yellow shell quite well in my opinion. It could also be used to offset a dark blue shell.

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