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Tao Hardened Stainless Steel Bowl Insert [Run 2] (Tao Bowl Housing required)

Tao Hardened Stainless Steel Bowl Insert [Run 2] (Tao Bowl Housing required)

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Here, we have the fabled N64 joystick bowl (separate from the necessary bowl housing).

You can get an unlimited amount of resin housings for these here (1x):
or here (4x):

These are sold separately from housings now to add to the versatility of the product and to make them available to more people.

If for some reason, you do not acquire a housing here on the website for your bowl insert, you can get more of them from the TaoStyx64 Shapeways store:

The bowl inserts are priced based on the surface finish (which is the most costly and time-consuming element of the production process).  The YouTube video on this page visually describes and shows the different surface grades: MP-100, MP>95, MP>90, and MP<89.

Hints: 1.  The higher surface grades with the "-D" modifier aren't necessarily better than lower surface grades without the "-D" modifier.
2.  There isn't a vast difference between MP-100 and MP-95.  The MP<89 bowls have the most noticeable feel change vs the other surface finish grades.


The Tao bowl inserts sold on this website are all made of hardened stainless steel.

EU and UK buyers please read!

If you live in the UK or EU, and make an order with TaoStyx64 (via this website), expect to pay 19-25% VAT and possibly a handling fee around 6 euro completion/handling fee charged upon or after receipt of the package.

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