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Super Lube 1 mL 82340 Silicone Grease

Super Lube 1 mL 82340 Silicone Grease

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This is the go-to grease to use in your N64 module.  It is the tried and true lubricant that is safe on plastic and extends the life of basically all parts in the module compared to a module without lubricant.

This is recommended for all plastic-plastic interactions and for all metal-plastic interactions.  For example, you have plastic OEM gears, a metal joystick (with a plastic nib), a metal bowl, and a plastic gate.  If you have something similar to this setup, you'll want to use exclusively SuperLube with PTFE.

If you're using metal gears with a metal joystick, I recommend Tamiya Molybdenum grease in your bowl and SuperLube in the bowl housing notches (where the gear links hinge) and the underside of the gate where the gears hinge.

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