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Tamiya Molybdenum Grease 0.5mL (for metal gears+metal stick combination)

Tamiya Molybdenum Grease 0.5mL (for metal gears+metal stick combination)

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This grease is primarily used in N64 joysticks in which there is any direct metal-on-metal friction.  The only case where this is necessary (as far as we currently know) is in a module with a metal stick + metal gear links (a.k.a. "gears").

For example, one has a set of bronze Tao gears + some other metal stick.  This grease will protect both metal components and should be changed every few months inside your joystick module.

This grease is safe on plastic, but can be a touch messier than SuperLube with PTFE.  I believe this grease is a must in any module with metal stick + metal gears.

IF you choose to use this, I still recommend using SuperLube on all of the plastic-plastic or plastic-metal interactions (e.g. the notches of the bowl housing ~ gear link interaction, the little notches on the underside of the "gate" that interact with the gears).

In short, I recommend Moly grease on the bowl/gears, and to use SuperLube on all of the other parts IF you have a metal stick and metal gears.

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